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2010年3月8日 星期一


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在閱讀 Mr.Jamie 的文章:你怎麼確定這是一個創業的好機會 後,覺得這文章寫得蠻好的

原文翻譯自 哈佛商業評論The 2-Minute Opportunity Checklist for Entrepreneurs

筆記一下創業大概必須符合的 18 個條件


1. Does your business idea soothe someone's pain, discomfort, frustration, or dissatisfaction?

   這個 idea 是否能夠解決別人現在所煩惱的問題呢 ?

2. Are there lots of those people out there?

煩惱這個問題的人很多嗎 ?

3. Do these people (or companies, or governments) have money to pay for it?

這些人是否有能力為了解決這個問題而付錢呢 ?

4. Will they be able to decide quickly to buy your product or service?

 可以立即地抓住他們的感受並為了這項產品付錢嗎 ?

5. Does your idea exploit something about you that is outstanding or unique?

你的這個 idea 是否獨一無二呢 ?

6. Are there important assets you have that no one else has? (money, access to customers, technology, leadership skills, execution, location, salesmanship, etc.)

你的能力是否能夠讓你的產品建立一定的進入障礙呢 ?

7. Can you think of at least two people who might join you?

你是否想得到一些志同道合的人加入你的團隊呢 (至少2人)

8. Do their skills complement yours?

這些人是否能夠補足你的不足呢 ?

9. Do they have the same values as you do?

這些人的價值觀是否與你相近呢 ?

10. Do the majority of people whose opinion you highly respect think your idea is a good one?

業界的朋友或其他的創業人士是否也覺得你的 idea 很棒呢 ?

11. Does at least one person (and not more than three people), whose opinion you highly respect, think your idea is a bad one?

 是否有人覺得你的想法爛透了呢 ?

12. Is there something about the idea or its implementation, that compels you to really devote yourself to it?

你願意為了做這這個東西而犧牲很多事情嗎 ? 全力付出

13. Can you sneak by the big competitors without them noticing you for awhile?


14. Can you find a potential customer who will take your calls, give you feedback, try a pilot out?

 你能先找到潛在的客群來幫你做測試,並改進你的產品嗎 ?

15. Can you start up without huge gobs of money?

在初期可以用不多的錢並把產品開發出來嗎 ?

16. Can you keep your fixed costs low during launch?

你可以在初期保持低成本支出嗎 ?

17. Does your idea lend itself to small incremental steps that can inexpensively generate valuable information as well as at least a little cash?

你的想法可以在不昂貴的支出的情況下一步一步成長茁壯嗎 ?

18. Can you think of something that Isenberg has forgotten? (and it is....)



看完這 18 項條件,覺得其實重點就是


創業維艱,我想只在過程中一定不能只完成這 18 項條件


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